Skits have been the foundation of this show since 2011.

That's why we think it's about time that we start acknowledging the hard work people go through to make content for the show.

We don't expect too much, but this year you could win $100 USD from your skit if everyone else thinks it was great.

If you have something you think fits the bill, go ahead and submit it! It doesn't have to be super serious, just quality vidya content.

And if you don't want the cash prize, you can donate it to your favourite charity.


They're too long to list here, but you can find all the requirements here. you're gonna need to read them


Submit your video by clicking here.

Submissions will close on Jan 30. Voting on skits will happen after the show and the winners will be announced two weeks after.


These are the basic requirements: check the requirements document for the full details.

  • Your video must be related to video games in some way.
  • Must be at most 2-3 minutes long.
  • Original content only.


  • 720p-1080p at 30-60fps unless it ruins the concept of the skit.
  • Again, read the doc.

Cash Prize:

  • The prize will be delivered to your address. Don't have one? Make one, it comes with every PayPal account.
  • If you don't wish to collect it, you can give it to a charity of your choice or our default charity.
    The default charity for 2016 is the Australian Children's Hospital Foundation.